Thursday, February 25, 2010

Famous in a small town

Ever find yourself running into Wal-Mart to grab a few things with no make-up and a ball cap on. Your walking through the aisles at a quicker than usual pace because truth be known its Sunday morning and you over slept for church. Yep, that has been me a few times!  

I find myself  trying to hurry and get the stuff and get out before the church crowd rolls in...... and right as I am strategically placing the last item on my list in the buggy, you know the case of beer I am picking up for my neighbor (wink wink) behind the feminine products I have already placed in the cart, I hear a "Hey we missed you today!" As I slink around trying to hide the cringe that just ran through my veins. I flash a big smile and pretend that I am not rearranging the tampons to hide the beer in my cart! lol Although I make eye contact and ask the standard southern girl questions, "Hey there" and I throw in a "How's your Momma and them?" their eyes have wondered to my buggy..... They look it up and down as to remember every item that is in it and have yet to hear a word of my witty banter :) Anyways, in true Sarah fashion I ask if they wanted me to grab them a case since we were on the beer ;) LOL. I get a quick no, with a frantic shaking of the head and good to see you and off they go! Southern girl 101, when in a precarious situation always advert the attention elsewhere! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Workouts and Mexican food

My girlfriend calls me up and says lets go workout today. In theory it sounds like fun but as the time approaches to go I send her a text and say " I'm feeling lazy and it's cold out there!" I get a return text that says.."get your lazy butt up." Well she was right and I forced myself to go and sweat. It really wasn't that bad at first I sat down on the stationary bike and before I knew it I had biked 5 miles. After random attempts to look like I knew what I was doing it was time to head home. Surprisingly, I woke up with manageable soreness! So, I went back for round 2 today. Went a little further on the bike this time and then I did the body pull-up thingy.... Omg, never again! I am fat girl... a fat girl shouldn't try to pull her her body weight up on a machine!! So after all 3 of us prided ourselves on the fact we could  pull up at least a few times we decided it was time for Mexican.  Why is it that we work-out then we go eat? And we cleaned our plates! So much for 2 days of working out. Guess I will start again tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facebook, hallways and math geeks

Hello My name is Sarah and I am addict to Facebook.
My addiction started as a way to monitor my teenager and her friends a few years ago and then I found "friends"! Now, some of these friends are people that I have not seen since high school, I literally had to go find the yearbook to place the name that I recognized with a profile picture. When I found someone to ask to be their friend or accept them as a friend I was like a kid in a candy shop, we won't use the word stalker-ish but I would say close to it. I really was surprised at first who became my "friend" from high school. Some of these people barely had time to say excuse me when they bumped me in the hallway changing classes. Now we are friends and they are commenting on my status and leaving me little notes on my wall. I was like... Whatever your just getting your friend count up! Then I had a revelation one day (as my teenager was acting like a teenager) that we are not in high school anymore and we are adults! We have mortgages, spouses, careers and kids. Facebook is a way to K.I.T. like we wrote in the back of yearbooks at the end of the school year. Maybe reconnecting with people from our past is a way to keep our youth, to reminisce on the good ole days. Lets face it, being an adult stinks sometimes and it really was so much easier back then. (On a side note, A public apology to my parents, I did not know it all!) I say accept the people from your past for who they are today and not what they were in high school. I say go and ask the homecoming queen, the math geek, or the person that you wanted to get to know but never did to be your friend, you never know they just might need someone to LOL with them!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome to my blog! Not sure where I am going with this thing so bear with me while I figure it out.... I have recently started painting and being crafty again and will be posting pics of my crafts!
I have never had the chance to be a stay at home mother and I am loving it! Being able to go and do with my kids is great! My husband is enjoying the house being clean and dinner on the table too! LOL I have turned my garage into a Project in progress area.. no telling what will be inspired in that room!
Stick around ya never know what might come out my mouth or the pics that might get posted! Oh, yeah I do free lance work so if you need something dolled-up I'm your girl!